The “Tongue-tied And Too Terrified To Talk In Public” Expert Who Believes The Voice Is The Muscle Of The Soul!

Hello,  I’m Leila Witkin, creative powerhouse and internationally recognised Coach and Mentor.

As the tongue-tied and too terrified to talk in public” expert I’ve worked with 1,000’s of professionals who needed help to overcome their fear of speaking in public, drawing on my theatrical background together with my professional coaching skills.

I’ve coached famous actors through stage fright and performance fears, releasing their innate natural ability to connect and communicate with their audiences at the most authentic and profound levels.

And for the last 7 years I’ve been working with CEO’s, Executives and the young leaders of tomorrow, using those same theatre based skills to create cutting–edge cultural change in the corporate world.

As a young girl I was encouraged to express myself and get my message across by my childhood mentor Nelson Mandela. He taught me the importance of getting that message across with authenticity.

For 25 years I worked in show business, primarily helping people deal with stage fright and learning to be comfortable in front of an audience.

So I know how the anxiety of public speaking paralyses some people with fear to the point where they cannot even think of getting their message across, but the problem is there ARE times when they simply have to – be it a wedding speech or speaking in a professional context.

This is where I can help. I offer one to one coaching and workshops to companies and individuals, using theatre skills to break through fear so that you can express yourself in an energetic, exciting and empowering manner when speaking in front of an audience.

I am known for developing people’s ultimate potential.

My mission is to transform people from “tongue-tied” to “TERRIFIC” leaving them feeling ultimately triumphant.

Call me on 020 7622 5978 or send me a message

I’d love to hear from you if YOU want to discover how to walk on the stage of your everyday life with total confidence in your communication skills and ability to project energy that inspires and motivates others.

Executive Leadership Coaching with Leila Witkin